Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 254

Last Nights Caper
I believe I just slept.

Day 254

There wasn't a thank you letter from Rosie in my mailbox so I was a little concerned that she was still sick. I went to her house, but saw her walking around outside. I spoke with her to see what's up, and she told me she'd mail it to me (she probably would've gave it to me but my pockets were full). Crossing my fingers for her pic.

Not long after leaving Rosie, Ricky pinged, and told me he had plans to leave Skyfall. I told him to stay, and he did that. I'm glad Ricky wanted to stay, but wouldn't someone else like Frita or Alfonso or Hippeux ask to leave...

Luckily there was a notice on the bulletin board otherwise I'd have totally forgot about it, but Festivale is coming up, on March 3rd to be exact. There was even the Festivale clothing in the Able Sisters, though today they only had the dress.

There was also a camper in the campsite today. I was hoping it'd be someone nice (as it's been a while) - even if I didn't want them to move in, at least someone who was pleasing to look at. But nope, we had Sylvia.

On my way to the campsite, I tripped over, which meant I was having bad luck. I visited Katrina to get my fortune told for the sake of it, and got the lucky charm, which was the Tingle Hood.

Tia wanted me to bury her a time capsule, so I accepted her request, and buried it next to her house. She'll ask me to dig it up in a few weeks, lets just hope it doesn't contain clothing as they usually do...

And for my final chore, Soleil wanted something delivering to Bree. I handed it to Bree, but I got one of the unfortunate 'guess what is and you get to keep' scenarios, and of course, I guessed wrong (I guessed wallpaper), so I got nothing in return (except friendship points).

Yesterdays Snowboy sent me a snowman TV in the mail (I know I've put the Snowboy gift at the start of the post for the past few days - well at least for yesterday, I forget about the other days - but I just remembered it belongs in the Snowman section, so I've moved it back lol). And out Snowboy for the day was also made perfect, which I feared I made the head too big.

Unrelated News
Uni tomorrow no thANKS. I am way too scared. But at least I don't start until 2 I think and finish up at 4 (waste of a day??), so I don't have to leave incredibly early, and I get home at a more reasonable time. But Wednesday and Thursday are much longer. Ughh. Time to stress out about it. Cya!


  1. i love your posts u make every day so we can find out your daily life on animal crossing. THANKS!!!!!!!


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