Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 259

Last Nights Caper
I just slept.

Day 259

There was so much going on in Skyfall today I honestly don't know where to start. I guess I'll start off with the special visitor for today, Saharah. I took her to my house and paid her 3,000 bells for an interior make over. I actually think this time she gave us two exclusives, the shoji screen and the sci-fi floor!

After I switched out the new interiors with the old interiors, Tia came to my house. She didn't stay long, which was nice, but it was good that our friendship level is still maxed out that she's willing to come over to my house.

However, before I brought Saharah to my house, I actually stumbled across a lost item. I didn't have to look for long until I found the owner (thank god), which was Hippeux, and he gave me a preppy shirt as a reward.

And Ricky wanted me to fetch him a piece of perfect fruit. I did consider just getting him a perfect cherry, since I've got his pic so no need to spend perfect foreign fruit on him, but I got him a perfect orange anyway, and he rewarded me with a regal wall.

Today was March 1st, which meant a lot of new changes around town. First off was Gracie Grace, who had thrown out her winter stock, and had brought the spring stock in. She now stocked the princess set, which I loved in City Folk, but as I don't have a female character in New Leaf, I don't think I'll end up buying it. Maybe I'll buy some of her spring clothes, though.

Next to Gracie Grace is the Able Sisters, which still didn't have the Festivale item which I needed (being the top). They just had the head accessory in stock again today. I'm sure I'll get it before the event, though.

I headed on back to town to try catch the final fish and sea creature which I needed. It wasn't too long until I found a loach in the river, meaning I had completed the fish encyclopedia at last! Now all I gotta do is wait until the fishing tourney and I can get my hands on a nice gold fishing rod!

I then threw on my wet suit and headed into the ocean to see if I could find a giant spider crab. The crab was a lot more harder to get than the loach, but after a good 10 or 15 minutes I finally came across a large shadow, which ended up being a giant spider crab. Now I have completed all three encyclopedia!

With my two new specimens in hand, I headed on over to the museum (which I couldn't completed because I haven't donated the neon tetra). But whilst I was there I pulled out the painting I bought from Redd's yesterday to see if I had it donated, which to my surprise, I did not. So that's one less artwork I need to work on. We're slowly completing the art wing.

Since I had now completed the fish and diving encyclopedia, I knew that Phineas would be around town somewhere. I looked for him, and finally found him, so I spoke to him to get my hands on the two golden badges.

Not long after leaving Phineas, Bree pinged, and told me she had plans to leave Skyfall. Of course, I told her not to, and she decided to stay. I really don't want Bree to leave (along with Ricky, and maybe Tia/Rosie; the rest can go when they please).

And finally, to end my day, I finally decided on what to do with the main room of my house. I've never really liked the minimalist set being there, I think it's way too bright and plain. So I decided to send it into Cyrus to have it remade (now I can stop spamming him with the toy camera). I didn't know if I should try with gray or ash brown, but I went with gray. Hopefully it'll add some more depth and create a different mood in my main room.

Unrelated News
Omg that was a big day. I am really tired so I didn't want to post it, but I knew I had to. Hopefully ya'll enjoy this read! Now I'm off to play some more Pokemon. Cya!


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