Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 261: Viva Festivale!

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Day 261

Today's post will be entirely dedicated to Festivale, since there was really nothing else going on - no special visors, no villager requests, nothing. The first thing I did today was head on up to Main Street to check out the stores, and sure enough, the Able Sisters had the entire Festivale clothing line in stock, so I was able to get my hands on the top!

After buying the top  put on the entire outfit and went to speak to Pave, who was excited to see me. The idea of Festivale has changed since City Folk, instead of collecting pieces of candy, you collect feathers, which you can get from the sky with your net, or by playing games with villagers. Pave asks you to get three feathers of a certain color, and he gives you a piece of the Pave set in return.

First Pave wanted me to collect three purple feathers, so I went around town collecting feathers that fell from the sky.

I also spoke with villagers to try get them give me some feathers from games. I found that mine would only play two games, rock-paper-scissors, and charades (there might be another one, but those were the only ones my villagers would play - oh and they'd also trade feathers with you). Charades was easy, but rock-paper-scissors came down to luck, and in the end I decided to give up on villager games, as they were either a hit or miss, and in the end I didn't think it was worth it.

After I gathered three purple feathers I delivered them to Pave who gave me a piece of the Pave set.

Next up, Pave wanted me to collect some blue feathers, which I did, and exchanged them for a reward. After that I stopped taking pictures because I found it was going to get too repetitive, but I think I got about half the Pave set? The event is kinda annoying, the prizes aren't handed out in order, they're just given out randomly, so you might get three of the same item in a row, and if you're having bad luck you might not even complete the set - I think I spent about 2 hours on Festivale and like I said I only got around half the set. Hopefully for the next game they hand the items out in an orderly fashion.

However, there was an easier way to get items without the need to accumulate a stack of feathers, and that's by finding a rainbow feather, which fall from the sky rarely. I think I only found three or four rainbow feathers (but I kept one and didn't hand it in). Giving Pave a sole rainbow feather rewards you with a piece of the Pave set (his picture probably would've been better imo).

Unrelated News
Yeah that was my day. I played for a long time, but I found it got repetitive so I just gave up in the end, but the event was really fun, and I've got a load of feathers left over lol  So yeah, I'm off. Cya!


  1. You are right it does get repetitive. But I really wanted the set so I played for about 2-3 hour until I got all of it then I sold all the extra pieces of furniture for close to $150k. The easiest thing for me to do was trade with the villagers after I've gotten the color the Pave wants. The villager you try to trade with after that almost 95% of the time will give you the feather you need. If they want to play a game I just refuse and talk to them again and they usually just trade you the feather you want. I tend to drop the feather I need then trade with the villagers, incase they end up wanting to trade the feather that Pave wants. As for the rainbow feathers I've only found two the whole time that I was playing not really worth waiting around for one. Like I said trading was quicker and easier than catching the right color or playing the villagers' games. I really hated that the furnitures are given at random. Lastly, I really like your blogs and I've gotten lots of tips from you, thanks and keep posting!

  2. I played for just over two hours, got everything but the darn bookcase. I was so tired with all the repeats (4 clocks, 3 end tables, 2 chests and 2 tables) I gave up on the final piece. It started out fun but became a real chore.

  3. Yeah. It was irritatingly repetitive. I managed to get the pieces in about 2-3hrs though. Planning to sell the furnitures when it's 'special' in Retail - though I already sold some to quickly reach a milestone for my house loan. Honestly near the end I got quite frustrated I save/continue before handing in the feathers - if I get the same furniture as before I'll restart (feather colours change when you quit).


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