Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 264

Last Nights Caper
As usual, I was feeling pretty tired, so I ended up sleeping.

Day 264

Rosie wanted to come over today. As we have a  pretty high friendship (actually I think it's maxed out) and I am holding out for her pic, I decided to accept her offer, solely because it was a "let me visit right now" scenario, so I didn't need to wait around and worry about times I might miss. She came over and stayed a little longer than villagers usually do, but not super long. Hopefully she'll mail me with her pic tomorrow, if not, then I will keep trying.

After Rosie left, I walked past Ricky who wanted me to visit him. Much like Rosie, he wanted me to come over right away, so I did just that. Whilst I was there I spoke to him a few times to prompt the 'you can buy something" conversation. First I tried to buy Halloween chair, but similar to last time, it wasn't for sale. Instead I bought the misplaced BB tee.

Unrelated News
I honestly played for at least an hour, I wouldn't be surprised if it was longer than that either, but seriously nothing happened. There were no visitors, no villagers pinged, I had to spam each villager with conversation to get something out of them, and the only two to give me something were Ricky and Rosie... But what's done it s done, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Cya!


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