Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 267

Last Nights Caper
Is there really anything to put since it's only been a few hours since the last post? I don't think so lol.

Day 267

To start the day off, I spoke with Zucker, who wanted me to catch him an ocean fish. Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I'm thinkin' he wanted one for his post-birthday celebrations (sushi anyone?). I planned to get him a rare fish, and I figured my chances would be higher if  I went to the island, so that's where I went.

I was hoping to get a shark of some kind, but after spending a good 20 minutes fishing for a shark, I came across nothing. Instead I came across a single ray, which I gathered was better than the boring sea bass I'd been fishing out. I then headed back to Skyfall to give Zucker the ray, and he gave me an alpine panel in return.

Today was a pretty Zucker heavy day, apart from him, Tia and Rosie were the only villagers that I liked who I could find (Soleil, Ricky and Bree were MIA - probably in Main street somewhere). So I spoke with the villagers in town who were available, and got a request from Tia to deliver a gift to Zucker. I did so, and received a trunk in return.

As I went into my house to pick up my next piece of minimalist furniture to have Cyrus remake, Zucker popped in uninvited. I'm happy he did, because from what I've read, this means we have maxed (or near to) friendship, so any requests have the possibility of giving me his pic! That means I can let him go when he wants to move out to someone who wants him.

He stayed for a while, and when I was speaking with him, he actually have me a modern wardrobe, which was surprising, since I've never received gifts from villagers coming over (usually they send them in the mail). Maybe it's because I never speak to them enough when they're in my house. Next time someone drops by I'll spam them with conversation and see if they have anything to give.

As for things that don't really fit in anywhere else; Hippeux pinged twice today, both of which I ignored. I know they could've been public works projects (but doubtful since I barely get anything requested anymore), but I did not want to risk the chance it being him telling me he was planning on moving, and then run the risk of making him change his mind, so I simply ignored. And secondly, I visited Rosie, who as predicted, replaced the hideous fossil in her house with the pine table I sent to her. Now I just need to work on removing those bugs and fish, and getting her a music player in her house, and she'll be as good as ever.

Unrelated News
Idk what to put here since I put most of it in today's earlier post lol. Cya!


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