Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 270

Last Nights Caper
Don't remember really. I have been going to sleep late lately, so I headed off early, so didn't do anything.

Day 270

As I predicted when Tia informed me Hippeux was leaving, I was correct, in that he was leaving today, being the 12th. I headed over to his house to say my final farewells to him. Now I've got two free spaces in Skyfall, so we should be getting a new resident (hopefully) in a few days.

After leaving Hippeux's house I began to make my way up to Main Street, when I saw Bree. I spoke to her and she told me she wanted me to come over right away, so I did that. When I got inside, her house wasn't that bad (I mean, compared to Rosie's), but it still wasn't great. I managed to speak to her a few times to have her sell something to me, so I took out her crane game. I should probably work on mailing her items to fix her house once I'm done with Rosie.

After a long drought of no campers since winter, today we finally had one. I walked in, only to notice it was Jitters. I've never had Jitters, and I didn't really like how he looked (though I did enjoy having Jacques in town), so I was after another bird villager, but I didn't end up having him move in. Maybe if I get Robin in the campsite I'll ask him to move, I believe I had him in CF and I loved him - I think he's still in my town, too. Well, at least last time I checked.

I visited Main Street to do my daily duties there (nothing exciting) and bought some medicine for Rosie. This is now her second dose, so just one more and she'll be as good as new. I swear Rosie has gotten sick more than any of my villagers, this is the second time I can distinctively remember, but I think she's been sick at least three times...

Unrelated News
Well today was boring but right now it just started raining, which I always enjoy. I'm just gonna watch some TV, find some food, and enjoy this rain whilst it lasts. Cya!


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