Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 271

Last Nights Caper
I slept.

Day 271

I spoke with Zucker as he was right outside his house, and he wanted me to come over right away. I decided to accept his offer and turned around to enter his house. Whilst inside, it took a while to bring up the "you wanna buy something" conversation to come up, and when it did I didn't know what to buy. I wanted to buy the ray since that was the only thing that was incredibly out of place in house, but it wasn't for sale (he even told me to "get my own" when I asked to buy it, guess he forgot I was the one who got it for him...). Instead, I settled for his ranch chair, and then left.

After speaking with Zucker, and passing the spot where Hippeux's house once stood, Ricky pinged me and asked me to bury a time capsule for him. I accepted and took it to a spot next to his house, dug a hole, and buried it there. Hopefully it doesn't contain a shirt lol.

After fulfilling Ricky's request, I made my way over to the plaza to see what was going on, and I noticed we had both Redd, and a camper. First I visited Redd, to see what he had in stock. Of course, both the sculptures were fake, but I managed to get the real painting, and I don't think I've got this one donated yet.

Fake - it has a rounded head

Real - the hands are in the correct position

Fake - it's looking forward

Fake - it has half eyes

Next up was the campsite. I walked in bracing myself for whatever villager would be inside, and it was Derwin. I've always liked Derwin, I like his litter nerdy attire, it makes him look cute. But I didn't want him in Skyfall, so I let him enjoy the rest of his camping trip.

I went to Main Street to check the stores (again, nothing of interest), but I bought Rosie her final dose of medicine (unless she gets sick again). I then headed on over to her house to deliver it to her, and she'll be nice and healthy tomorrow. Let's pray she give us her picture as a reward.

I managed to find Soleil, who I hadn't seen all day, and she wanted me to deliver a gift to Bree. I tracked Bree down and gave her Soleil's gift, and she gave me a pear in return.

This was something that we actually planned to do last week, but didn't get around to doing it until today. My friend Heidi (you might remember her from previous blog posts) missed the Japanese Girls' Day event, so she TT'd back to celebrate it, and invited me over. I went to her town, which had both Girls' Day AND Festivale going on (they both fall on the same day in the Japanese 2014 calendar), but I didn't want to relive Festivale, so I just spoke with Isabelle - who was at the Town Hall instead - and had her hand me a rice cake. I then went to the plaza to take some pics at the photoboard. Might photoshop them together, but I'm feeling lazy so I probably wont.

Unrelated News
Yeah, today was a pretty eventful day, and right now I'm dead bored... hence why this post is out so early lol. I really don't have any idea what to do, so if you know some time wasters feel free to message me lol. Cya!


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