Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 272

Last Nights Caper
My boredom soon kicked in again right after yesterdays post, so I didn't get up to anything interesting, and just slept early.

Day 272

Zucker wanted some fruit today, so I hit up my prefect orange stash to grab one for him. I handed it over to him, and as usual, no picture, I just got a polka-dot table. I could have probably mailed it to Rosie, but I already sold it, oops.

After completing Zucker's task, I went to see if Rosie was home, and if she was feeling better. She was home, and she was feeling a lot better. Whilst I had my fingers and toes crossed that she would give me her pic, she refused and instead gave me a round cactus.

Bree had a petition that needed signing, with six signatures from residents in other towns. I had to go deliver some items to someone who bought some off me, and whilst I was there I asked if I could have my petition signed, they agreed and I went around looking for six residents to sign the petition.

After collecting six signatures, I headed back to Skyfall to find Bree and give her petition back to her. After handing it back I was hoping for her pic, but much like Rosie, she didn't, and again, like Rosie, gave me a round cactus (though I didn't get a pic 'cause I accidentally skipped past it). Maybe I did something to offend Rosie and Bree and they had discussed revenge tactics to give me round cacti...

In other news, the fishing tourney is tomorrow, which means I can finally (or at least, hopefully) get my hands on the golden fishing rod! I just need to remember to catch a neon tetra when they come in season so I can donate it and complete the fish exhibit in the museum. And speaking of the museum, yesterdays painting which I bought at Redd's hadn't been donated, so I went ahead to donate that, too.

Unrelated News
Today was a nice day, I managed to sell some of my items so that cleared up a lot of space (namely my left over Festivale items). Now just need to sell a few more items and I'll have a lot of space left up. Now I'm probably gonna watch a TV or something so I don't fall bored again. Cya!


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