Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 273: Look Out, Fishies!

Last Nights Caper
There was nothing on TV, so I slept early again,  didn't do anything interesting apart from that lol.

Day 273

They day where I could finally get my golden fishing rod had arrived, though there were a few things I wanted to do before I collected it, namely just check out Main Street. On the way to Main Street I went past the bulletin board, and there was an announcement, saying the cherry blossoms should be here by April. It's only just halfway through March, I thought it was a little early for this announcement, but ok.

After reading I went to Main Street to buy my daily materials and check out the stores, but there was nothing of interest to me. So I headed back to Skyfall to start the fishing tourney and collect my golden fishing rod! Today's fish was the loach - a smallish fish so there wasn't much room to get first place.

After being told what the days fish was, I spoke with Chip again to show him my fishing encyclopedia, and he was happy that I had caught all the fish! He then rewarded me with the cherished golden fishing rod! Now I'll be able to catch fish with ease (not that I go fishing that much anyway lol). Now I just gotta wait until June to get the golden net and I'll have all the gold tools!

With my snazzy new rod in hand, I hit up the rivers to try catch some loach. Of course, I semi-failed as I donated the first loach I caught, which was the new record, and I caught about 20 loach after that, and none of them were bigger, so the only reward item I managed to get was a red snapper chair - and a gold trophy, of course.

This was the largest one I caught after I donated the 9.9-incher

Since there was no point in me fishing anymore as it seemed impossible I would be able to catch a bigger loach, and no villagers would give me chores due to the event, I stopped playing, and waited until the evening to attend the ceremony. Rosie came in third place, and Tia came in second.

Unrelated News
Kinda annoys me when the fishing tourney is on and that's all I get to do for the day - unless I play after the tourney ends then I can get villagers give me chores, but that's too far away. On a lighter note, last night I realized that April Fool's Day is coming up, and during the event you can get villager pictures, so that made me happy, since then I'll be able to get both Soleil's AND Zucker's pic, so I can work on moving them out, and hopefully if friendship is high enough, I'll get another pic as a gift when they leave town. I've just gotta make sure they stay in town that long, but I'm optimistic they will. Cya!


  1. I have soeil on my town it's called Amityville but I'm still donating for the dream town thingy so I don't know my dream adress I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!


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