Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 276

Last Nights Caper
I just watched TV and got addicted, so I didn't sleep until late oops, lol.

Day 276

Zucker was right near his house, so I spoke to him to see if I could grab a job or two out of him. Instead he just handed me over a school jacket out of his good, sweet heart. I spoke to him again and then he wanted me to get him some new furniture. I hit up my stash and gave him an eight lamp (which is a spotlight item, making it good for those friendship points). I was hoping for his pic, but of course I didn't get it, and got a scoreboard instead.

Near Zucker were Soleil and Rosie, both who had requests. Rosie wanted me to deliver a gift to Zucker, and Soleil wanted to come over right away. I spoke to Rosie first and delivered the gift to Zucker, and he gave me a blossom tee in return. I then took Soleil to my house, who stayed there for a nice amount of time, not expecting her pic since I don't think out friendship is high enough, but at least it adds to the total.

When I was done with those tree, I spoke to my other favorite villagers - Ricky, Bree and Tia - but none of them had and jobs needed doing. So instead I went to Main Street to check the stores (with nothing worth buying/mentioning). When I came back to Skyfall I noticed the campsite was in use, and inside was Vic. I kinda like his novel-attire but it wasn't enough to make me want to ask him to move in. I did play a game with him, which I got a stove or something in return (forgot to take pics).

Unrelated News
Yeah, today was 50/50 in terms of gameplay, some stuff happened, but not enough to make it an interesting day. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Cya!


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