Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 277

Last Nights Caper
Nothing interesting really, just the usual.

Day 277

As I started playing today, Isabelle told me on the opening screen that a new villager had moved in. As soon as she said this, I knew exactly where they put their house, because it was the only place I didn't check yesterday, hence why I didn't see the plot. As soon as my map opened I looked at it, and it was exactly where I thought, and out newest resident would be Boone. I kinda like Boone. I had him in Wild World, and I  had him in City Folk - so I guess we came full circle whilst having him in New Leaf. Though I don't love him enough to want him to stay, so as soon as he wants to leave, I'll send him on his way.

After I was done greeting Boone, I headed on over to my 'projects' (Soleil and Zucker), to see if I could get any chores out of them. At the present, only Zucker seemed to respond, and wanted me to get him some fruit. I headed on over to my house to pull out a perfect orange, which I handed to him, and got a playroom rug in return.

When I was done with Zucker, I walked past Soleil, who pinged, and wanted to buy the playroom rug Zucker just gave to me. I sold it to her (for a small price), and sent the happy hamster on her way,

Whilst I was in my house getting a perfect orange for Zucker, once I closed my wardrobe Bree walked in uninvited (though I don't mind). She didn't stay that long, but it was nice seeing her around none the less.

In the evening of the day Ricky pinged and informed me he had plans to leave Skyfall (luckily I played again otherwise I might have missed his ping and I wouldn't be able to save him). Luckily I did though, and I managed to convince him otherwise, so now he shall stay in Skyfall for a little bit longer.

Shortly after ending my conversation with Ricky, I came across Zucker again and spoke to him. He wanted to come to my house right away, so I took him there. He stayed for a very long time (and by long time I mean a few minutes) until he finally decided to leave. I'll admit, I am holding out for his pic in the mail tomorrow but I'm not expecting anything.

Unrelated News
I played a lot today because my cousin finally got around to buying New Leaf, so I spent most of my day helping him out (it's been a while since he played, he never played City Folk). So I just helped him get bells by catching beetles and the like, was a good day, brought back some good memories. Cya!


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