Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 278

Last Nights Caper
Nothing really, I think I just watched some more TV, that was about all.

Day 278

First villager I found today was Rosie, who wanted me to deliver a something to Ricky she borrowed a while ago. I found Ricky and handed the gift over to him. Of course, I got the unlucky "guess what it is and I'll give it to you" scenario and "if you guess wrong, tough luck"... And I guessed wrong, as usual. I didn't get anything but at least it added to the friendship points (though that's not needed since I believe I have maximum friendship with both Ricky and Rosie).

I wandered around town for a little while speaking to the rest of my villagers to see if they had any chores they needed doing, but none of them gave me anything. So I headed over to the police station to see if we had any special visitors in town, and he told me that Phineas was in town. Once I left the station I went to look for Phineas, but instead I found Saharah. I spoke with her and took her to my house for the makeover. I got the bathhouse wall and the maze floor; I believe the wall is an exclusive.

After leaving my house I went to search for Phineas, who was just to the right of my house, between Soleil's and Zucker's. I spoke with him and received the golden badge for customization. Now I can finally stop spamming Cyrus with my toy camera for remakes. Now time to see what badge I should work on next.

We also had a camper today, being Vesta. I had Vesta in Wild World, and City Folk (I can even still remember where her house was in both games), and I believe my brother has Vesta in New Leaf (at least he did last time I checked, but he hasn't played for a while). I probably would've asked her to move in, if I didn't already have Frita in my town as my sheep villager, but would've got rid of her eventually.

After leaving the campsite, I kinda had a hunch that Bree was sick, since I hadn't seen her around town today (but yet again, I had a hunch that our visitor would be Gulliver, and we had Saharah and Phineas). So I dropped by her house, and turns out she was actually sick. I headed straight over to Main Street to fetch her some medicine and handed it to her right away.

Unrelated News
Well I'd love to write something nice here but I don't. I've gotta be somewhere early tomorrow, and I am so slow in the morning, so it takes me twice as long as than it probably would for other people lol. So yeah, I've gotta head to sleep early. Cya!


  1. Rebecca Rose Cahill21 March 2014 at 03:29

    I need to start doing one for my capers.... So I guess, I should start the game over... I haven't been on in MONTHS like 3....


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