Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 279

Last Nights Caper
I slept early for my early morning, so didn't do anything.

Day 279

I spoke with Rosie who wanted me to fetch her some fruit. As usual when I get fruit requests, I headed over to my house to pull out a perfect orange for her. I was hoping for her pic as a reward (as usual), but instead I got a large magazine rack... Damn Rosie, when you gonna hand that pic over?

After fulfilling Rosie's request, I came across another familiar cat, Katie. It's weird; I go through this long drought without seeing her in town, and then I get her twice in a week. Luckily my cousin was only a few feet away from me, so I asked him to open up, and I took the wandering kitten over.

Bree was next on the to-do list, and off I went to get her some medicine and took it to her house. Now she just needs one more delivery tomorrow and she should be fine. Not hoping for her pic in return (since I've already got it), but hey, it would be nice to get another.

I then headed on over to the police station to speak with Booker to see if there were any special visitors in town. He told me Gulliver had washed ashore so I made my way down to the beach to search for the unconscious seagull. I found him and managed to wake him up, and sent him on his way. My options were;
- Nepal
- Thailand
- Japan
- Vietnam

Unrelated News
I would've played more, but I didn't get the chance to. I had to take my car in for repairs today (which is why I had to wake up early), and I didn't know how long they'd be. They were actually about six hours, and I was only expecting it to be gone for three, maybe four hours, but nope, much longer than I thought. So I spent my day waiting around to get my car back (and I had to walk back from the shop, which took like 50 minutes) - so by the time I got back I didn't feel like doing anything but relaxing. Cya!


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