Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 280

Last Nights Caper
I enjoyed the luxury of not having to get up early in the morning so I stayed up a little later than usual.

Day 280

In my mailbox was a letter from Katie, with a thank you gift attached. I opened up and found a globe inside. I think I got one of these during the many moons ago when I actually had Katie, but it's always nice to have another one.

After leaving my house I came across Soleil, who wanted me to get her a piece of fruit. I went back to my house and pulled out a perfect orange to give to her. Maybe I should just keep a few perfect oranges attached to my letters from now on, to save the hassle of having to go back and forth with the fruit? But regardless, Soleil gave me a treadmill.

Next up on the residential list was Ricky, who was in his house. I spoke with him, and he wanted me to bring Rosie over. I took up his request and started on my hunt for Rosie.

I soon saw Rosie, but she pinged me once I was in her sights. She wanted me to get her a new piece of furniture for her house. I didn't have any lovely pieces on me at the present, so I grabbed something which I thought would suit her, being a wall flowerpot - she gave me a simple armchair in return.

I brought Rosie over to Ricky's, and Ricky just needed some advice from Rosie, on what he should wear to a wedding. I kinda think him and Bree are secretly going to elope, even if he's saying it's not his wedding, I don't believe him. Ricky thanked me for bringing Rosie over and handed me a cloud flooring for my time.

Next up was Bree who was getting her final dose of medicine. Tomorrow she should be as good as new, and bright and bubbly for her and Ricky's wedding.

As Bree's house was near the plaza, I headed there to see if there was anything going on. First thing I noticed was Redd's tent pitched up, I went inside to take a look at his artworks, and bought out the real painting.

Fake - it has long hair

Real - the towel is only over one shoulder

Fake - there is a carrot on the nose

Fake - the lady in white is too tall

After leaving Redd's tent I noticed that the campsite was in use. Inside was Cally, a cute squirrel villager. I probably would have asked her to move in if we didn't have Ricky.

Unrelated News
I played for a decent amount of time today, which was good. I got a few things done, which is what I always like. It also started storming in the afternoon (real life, not in AC), and I always enjoy a good load of rain. Cya!


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