Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 281

Last Nights Caper
Uhh I really don't remember, I was kinda tired so everything I did do when I was awake I don't really remember.

Day 281

Zucker was wondering around who wanted me to deliver something to Tia. I took the gift off his hands and went out to find Tia. Once I found Tia (who wasn't too far from her house) I handed the gift over to her, which turned out to be a gift for me anyway. I opened it up and inside was a sleek bed. I then went back Zucker to give him my thanks.

After thanking Zucker I stumbled across Rosie, who wanted to visit right away. I took her up on her offer and we made out way over to my house. She stayed for a good minute or two, but nothing too long. Hopefully she'll send me her picture as a thanks.

After Rosie left I went to search for Bree to see how she was going now that she was over her sickness. She wasn't in her house, so that was a good sign that she was all better. She was just a little south-west to her house, and I spoke to her, and she thanks me for helping her out, and gave me a ornate rug as a thank you.

I took the statue I bought yesterday at Redd's to the museum to donate it. That's another one down in the art department. It's now the only one that needs completing, and I'm hoping I can get it done by the end of the year (lol).

Unrelated News
Thought it was going to storm again tonight but it didn't. Damn. Now I need to find things to do 'cause I've run out of things to occupy my time (well I could finish watching this TV show but then I will be done with it and that's always a sad feeling). So yeah? Cya!


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