Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 282

Last Nights Caper
No memory, obviously nothing important then.

Day 282

I came across Ricky who wanted me to get him a piece of fruit.As usual, I went to my storage and pulled out a perfect orange and gave it to him. I hoped for his pic (since it seems now that it's a tradition), and I got a milk case in return.

Rosie wanted me to get something to replace her red umbrella. There wasn't anything in the shops and nothing in my storage seemed to fit her house. I took a risk and found a lotus lamp which I thought would look nice in her house. I handed that over to her and she gave me the red umbrella in return. I also found a minimalist table in her drawers when I was snooping around her house.

Yeah, literally nothing happened. I spammed each villager with tonnes of conversation but no one had anything for me to do. I even went on again in the night time to see if I could get anything then, but still no.

Unrelated News
Uhh nothing is really going on. We had a huge amount of rain today, so everything is wet and flooded lol. Cya!


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