Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 287

Last Nights Caper
I ended up sleeping not long after posting as I was tired.

Day 287

I went to go visit Rosie as she was home, and I wanted to see how her house was coming along. Her house actually looks rather nice, I just need to get rid of the bugs placed around her house, and it should look nice. She also had Frita over for a visit.

After leaving Rosie's house I walked around Skyfall for a while trying to get my villagers to give me some jobs, which none of them did. Instead, I made my way across to the police station to see if there were any visitors in town, sure enough, Gulliver had washed ashore.

I made my way down to the beach to look for the stranded seagull. I spoke to him several times until he decided to wake up. When he finally woke up he told me all about his wild tales, and then as usual, requested my help. I got the answer right, and I shall receive a gift in the mail tomorrow. My options were;
- Maldives
- Guam
- Hawaii
- Italy

After saving Gulliver from himself, I began talking to my villagers again. This time Soleil had some gossip for me (bless snooty villagers), and informed me that Alfonso had plans on leaving Skyfall. Much like Hippeux last time, I'm going to avoid him until the moving date comes (probably April 2nd or 3rd). Hopefully I don't accidentally speak to him and change his decision, but happy he will be leaving.

I soon came across Ricky who seemed persistant in coming to visit. I took him over to my house right away and he stayed for a really long time, like a lot longer than usual. Hopefully it's because he liked my house, and he plans on sending me another one of his pictures! LOL.

Unrelated News
Well April Fools is coming up in a few days, and none of my villagers are giving me hints about their truths, so I guess I'm going to have to google it unless I can force it out of them in the next two days. But I am incredibly happy about April Fools, because then I can get both Zucker's and Soleil's photos and then I can work on moving them out (and I'll finally have Rosie's, too!). Now I'm off to go find something to do. Cya!


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