Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 288

Last Nights Caper
I just spoke to friends, nothing too vital. I am thinking of getting back into watching Pokemon, though.

Day 288

Apparently today was Mothers Day? Must be in the US/UK or something, because it doesn't happen in Australia until May. Though it was cool to have a nice surprise in my mail from mom, being a pink carnation, which I put with the others.

Soleil wanted me to fetch her a pear. Sadly, I didn't have any perfect pears in my storage, and I was too lazy to go out and have a friend give me one of their pears, so I just shook a regular pear off one of the nearby trees and handed that to her. She gave me a cabin couch.

Zucker has fallen ill, which really sucks, because he'll still be sick on April Fools, and I'm worried I might not be able to get his picture because of it, and then I'll have to wait even longer to get his pic, and then longer to get him moving out... I just hope there is something programmed in the game that will make him healthy for the event so I can score his pic!

Unrelated News
Sorry, I would've loved to type more (I have a chore from both Ricky, and Bree left over), but I hit my finger on my desk today and it broke the nail down really far, so I have a band-aid over it, and I'm not used to it so I'm finding it really difficult to type as I'm out a finger (my right index finger...), so I don't want to do a lot of typing. Now I'm off to do some stuff (maybe watch Pokemon?). Cya!


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