Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 265 & 266

Last Nights Caper
My internet blew up Thursday night, and didn't get fixed until this morning, so I've had no internet access for the last 2 days, hence the delay. Instead, I've been typing up each post in Word, so all I have to do is copy and paste, and it’ll be done in a few minutes.

Day 265

Redd was in town today. I walked into his tent to browse his wares, which was a little difficult today, as I didn’t have internet access to check the differences between the legit artworks, and the fake ones. I did however have some guide books I bought forever ago, so I used them and was able to determine the real artwork, which I bought

fake – it has one child

fake – it has a towel over its shoulders

fake – it has half eyes

fake – it’s not holding a cat

After leaving Redd’s I walked around town to see what the residents were doing, but they weren’t doing anything interesting. Zucker wanted me to catch a football fish, which from memory went out of season at the end of February, and Soleil wanted me to trade my sapphire for one of her shirts, not a good deal. Other than that, nothing interesting happened between me and my villagers.

After finishing up around town, I went to re-tail to continue to get my minimalist pieces remade into gray, and whilst I was there, as always, I asked Reese about the turnip prices. Amazingly, they were at 204 bells, sadly I didn’t have internet access so I couldn’t share the good news, and I didn’t have turnips of my own, so they unfortunately went to waste..

Day 266

I knew Zucker’s birthday was coming up soon (I actually thought it was yesterday), so it was to my surprise when I walked into his house to see him celebrating with Frita. I hadn’t actually picked out a gift for him, and since my internet is down, I’m unable to actually check what he likes most. Though I had a skinny mushroom in my pockets, and I know Zucker likes food, and I guess be likes brown since his shirt is brown, so I gave him that, which he seemed to like. I gave him my best wishes and then continued on with the rest of my day.

I headed over to re-tail to have my minimalist set customized, and once agin checked the turnip prices, which were relatively high. It’s nice to see Skyfall getting some good prices, but sucks that no one can benefit from them.

Yesterday at Redd’s I was almost 100% sure that the painting I bought had already been donated to the museum, but when I went to check, turns out it hadn’t. I happily handed it over to Blathers who put it up for display, and then I walked in to see how many more I needed. I think from memory we only needed 7 more pieces of art, 4 being sculptures…

It was then time to speak with villagers to see what chores I could get out of them. Tia wouldn’t give me any chores, although she did tell me Hippeux was planning on leaving Skyfall. It’s funny he hasn’t pinged me, guess it’s just a one off, or I missed the ping. I was going to track him down to find out the exact date he was leaving, but I didn’t want to risk it and change his mind, and have him stay longer in Skyfall, so I left it as is, and will await the day Isabelle tells me he’s leaving. It’s usually a couple of days, I’m guessing on the 11th or 12th.

I then headed over to Rosie’s house, one because she was home, and two, I’ve been mailing her items that match her house, so I wanted to see if she was replacing her old out of place items with the ones I had sent her. Sure enough, she had and her house was looking a lot better. I also sent her a pine table today, which should hopefully replace the huge fossil in the middle of her house. I then checked out her drawers to see if I could score anything, and I managed to snag myself a vision tester.

Unrelated News
Yeah sorry did not expect that to happen. It should be fine from now on, but since it's now new it might cut out every now and then, but yeah, don't panic lol, if I'm actually going somewhere I'll post about it. Cya!


  1. I'm glad to hear that your internet is back!

    I would like to point something out though, involving Redd's gallery. The picture with the woman holding the ermine is legit. In the fake one, she has a cat. Just thought I'd let you know :)


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