Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 299

Last Nights Caper
Just the same as the previous nights, I spoke to some friends, nothing too interesting. I do really want to watch Pokemon again, but as soon as I hit play I just know I'm going to be sitting through a mass of filler episodes...

Day 299

Soleil was near as soon as I started playing, so I decided to speak to her, and she wanted me to get her a piece of fruit. I went back to my house and pulled out a perfect orange and made my way back to Soleil. I spoke to her, and she gave me her pic as a reward! Kinda annoying that I'm getting all the pics now, after April Fools... But hey, a pics a pic, I'm not gonna complain.

I guess I wasn't having good luck today either because I seemed to be tripping every minute or two... I was gonna go to Katrina to get a lucky item, but I didn't really feel like it. I figured it'd be easier just to avoid Katrina and save time (as I had other things to do today apart from playing AC), which turned out well, because I didn't trip that much after I took the picture lol.

Making my way over to the plaza, we had both Redd, and a camper in town. I first went inside Redd's tent to browse his arts. He didn't have any sculptures in stock today, which  was a little disappointing, and I'm not too if the real artwork is one I've donated already, or not. Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Fake  - both the hands are on the hips

Fake  - she should be looking behind her

Real - there is no fake

Fake - Mt. Fuji should be smaller

After I bought out the real painting I left the tent and went to check out the camper. It seemed we are not only getting the trolls of a lot of campers in a row, but the trolls of duplicate campers.. Today I had Poncho, who I've already had in the campsite before... So as like last time, I didn't ask him to move in. I would like a bear villager in town though, but I think I'd only like Maple (who I just find cute), or Kody (who is my only original villager left in my Wild World copy, or at least he was last time I checked).

To end the day, I went to Re-Tail to sell my items, when I noticed that Tia had put her regal bed up for sale. This is an item I want her to keep in her house, so I bought it out and sent it back to her in the mail.

Unrelated News
Today was just a slow day, I didn't get out of bed until late (oops), and I didn't actually start doing anything until the early afternoon lol, I'm only just getting my rhythm now. But oh well, nothing I can do, so I'll just relax for the remainder of my day. Cya!


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