Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 291

Last Nights Caper
Didn't watch Pokemon, just spoke to friends, nothing exciting.

Day 291

In my mailbox was a letter from Blanca with a gift attached - being her photograph, which I got for guessing her as the fake for every villager in town. Her pic is actually pretty nice and unique in its own way. For now I've just displayed it on the ground in my sleek room, but whenever I get around to fixing up my house, I'll put it in a better spot.

Zucker was healthy today, which means April Fools was his miraculous cure, so he was trolling...

And speaking of trolls... I came across a lost item, and I went along to find its owner. I asked a few residents and it didn't belong to them. I soon found Zucker and ask if it was his, and it was, and then what does he give me as a reward... his pic... Of course I'm going to get his pic they day after April Fools when I just got it... this game loves trolling me.

Apart from that, nothing too interesting happened. Alfonso didn't move out, so he's probably going to move tomorrow, or possible on the 4th, but I'm really feeling that tomorrow will be the day. Ricky was also over at Soleil's so maybe he's cheating on Bree, or maybe he's speaking with Skyfall's other snooty to get tips on how to impress Bree...

Unrelated News
This was pretty late because I have more family coming to stay with me tomorrow, so I had to get stuff ready for them, and they're also getting here early in the morning, so I've gotta sleep so I'm not a zombie in the morning lol. Cya!


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