Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 293

Last Nights Caper
I was way too tired from my early morning to even do anything so I slept.

Day 293

I couldn't find Soleil or Zucker near their houses (they were probably on Main Street somewhere), instead I found Ricky, who wanted me to get him some fruit. As usual, I pulled a perfect orange out of my stash and handed it to him and he gave me a polka-dot bed. I know Rosie has one of these in her house, so I'll probably keep it handy in case she ever gets rid of it and it doesn't make its way to Re-Tail.

North of Ricky was the spot where Alfonso's house used to once reside, but not anymore. It looks empty, I'll probably put some flowers over the dirt and maybe edge the path with some cedars and bushes, but as this is the area where Rodeo and Purrl used to be once before, I'm not sure it's worth it since I'm sure sooner or later another villager will put their house there.

There didn't seem to be a lot going on in Skyfall, so I headed over to the police station to speak with Booker if any special visitors were in town, and he told me Saharah was in town. I tracked her down and brought her over to my house, and she gave it a nice makeover. I don't think any of them are exclusives (stripe wall and stone tile), but they actually looked really good with the gray minimalist set, so I kept them up. Good job Saharah!

After Saharah left I went to Main Street, there was nothing really going on there (nothing in stock worth mentioning), though Julian had finally decided to show his face. It's nice to see his face around Skyfall again, it'll make going to Main Street from now on that more exciting (until he stops appearing).

Unrelated News
Yeah, I had to take my family out so I lost half of my day of gameplay as I was out, so I didn't get to do a lot today. Still, I manged to get a bit of gameplay done, so happy about that. Cya!


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