Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 294

Last Nights Caper
I ended up sleeping early again, I guess I was still a little tired from the day before.

Day 294

It was a little while before I found something to do, there were no special visitors in town, and none of my residents had any jobs that needed doing. But I soon came across a lost item and I went to search for the owner. It didn't take me long to find the owner, being Soleil, who gave me a sleek dresser. Though she did lose it at Ricky's house... so maybe Ricky being at her house the other day was more than just 'being friends' and trying to get tips for Bree... I hope Ricky and Bree are still going strong, Soleil will be out of town soon, and I don't want to leave Ricky heartbroken.

After receiving the reward I went to Re-Tail to sell it, as I already have a sleek dresser in my house. In Re-Tail was a newly found round mini cactus, from Boone's house. I bought it out and will mail it to Ricky in the future, hopefully he removes some of the random stuff on his table and replaces it when stuff that better suits his house.

Once I was done at Re-Tail I headed to Main Street, but there was nothing of interest. Upon returning to Skyfall I found Rosie, who wanted me to bury a time capsule for her. I took it off her hands and buried it next to her house. Now I just wait until she asks me to dig it up and I can get a piece of clothing as a reward (unless I get lucky and it's furniture).

Unrelated News
I didn't actually do anything today, but Skyfall was just dead. Nothing was going on... So yeah. Not sure what I'm gonna do now, probably just chill for a few hours before I sleep. Cya!


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