Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 295

Last Nights Caper
I didn't do anything, I just sat around waiting for DST to end (wanted to experience that time warp), but I got tired and ended up sleeping an hour before the clocks went back.

Day 295

I had a nice surprise today when I started playing, as the azalea bushes had started budding. I didn't expect them to start today, but it was nice to see some more colors in town rather than just the red holly shrubs which have been flowering lately. I'm not sure how long they'll take to flower, but right now I'm going to be enjoying the buds.

Boone wanted me to catch him a mantis. Though I couldn't find one after spending a good 30 minutes looking for one, so I just left him begging.

Though during the time spent looking for the elusive mantis for Boone, I managed to get a number of other requests. First off, Frita wanted me to get her a piece of fruit. I didn't know if I should get her a perfect fruit, or a regular fruit, but I gave her a perfect fruit anyway - thinking back now, I should've just given her a regular fruit. For giving her what she wanted, I got a modern wall in return.

Bree also had her sink that she was selling. I decided to buy it as it's a key item to her house, and I mailed it back to her. I also sent Ricky the cactus whilst I was over at the post office. I do have a few lovely items which I want to mail to Rosie, but I'm not sure which ones she has in her house, and she hasn't been home for me to check.

Just as I was about to quit playing, Boone saved the day, by suggesting the long awaited instrument shelter. I've wanted to build one of these for ages, but never had it suggested. Though as usual, now that I've got it, I don't know where to build it lol. 

Unrelated News
My family is going to stay with another family member who live a few hours away for the next few days, so I'm free for the next few days. I've also updated the town map which has removed Alfonso's house, and added Boone's house. Now I'm just watching some TV, and then head to bed. Cya!


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