Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 296

Last Nights Caper
Tired so I slept early again. Sleeping earlier doesn't make me wake up earlier though, I wish it did.

Day 296

The cherry blossoms were now drifting in the wind and blowing all around town, it actually looked really nice. If I remember correctly, the petals drift through the sky for about 3 days, and then the blossoms fade away. I better enjoy the cherry blossoms whilst they last.

Just over from my house was Soleil, who told me some more gossip about Bree, which  was her and Zucker seemed to be good friends. I walked into Zucker's house to see what was going on, and inside was Ricky. Maybe Ricky was over to try warn Zucker off from Bree, or maybe Zucker is Ricky's inside man and he's having him get information from Bree for him... I also tried to get some chores out of them, but they didn't budge.

Though I kept talking to Zucker for some reason, and he eventually told me that someone had put up a plot in Skyfall! I walked around town looking for the plot wondering where it might be, and it was just north of Boone's house, and the villager would be Chops... I googled him and I really don't like him, hopefully he doesn't stay in Skyfall for long...

There's also meant to be a fishing tourney this upcoming weekend, which I believe should be any fish this time? I'll probably try catch a variety of fish and had them in from smallest to largest again to get as many rewards as I can, hopefully getting some more of the fish set that I still need.

After going to Main Street and returning to Skyfall (which there was nothing), I went to the police station to see if there were any special visitors in town, but there were none. So I went back to Zucker's as he was the only resident in Skyfall in his house, and he wanted me to get him some fruit. I went to my perfect orange stash and handed it over to him, and I received a hurdle in return.

Unrelated News
Nothing went on today, it was actually just a boring day in general, and really don't know what to put in here, so instead I'm just gonna watch some TV. Cya!


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