Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 300

Last Nights Caper
Nothing. Just spoke to friends. I did watch some movie that was on TV, but I stopped watching it because it didn't interest me.

Day 300

Wow day 300... Still can't believe I've been this consistent with blogging. Anyway, back to my day, the cherry blossoms had stopped blowing away, and had disappeared on the trees. But not all was lost, the azalea bushed had now started flowering.

Additionally, the cherry blossoms on the town tree had also gone away, and now it just looks like a normal tree. I honestly miss the cherry blossoms, it was a nice touch to the tree.

I found Rosie who told me that Saharah was in town. I ventured around town to try find her, and I soon came across her. I took her to my house and gave her 3,000 bells as the usual exchange, and she gave my house a make over. Today she gave me a charcoal tile and a regal wall. I think the charcoal tile looked better than the stone tile I had before, so I switched them out.

The bulletin board, along with Ricky, both reminded me that the fishing tourney would be going on tomorrow. I'll try my est to get as many pieces of fish furniture, but I'm not gonna make any promises. Really juts depends if I can be bothered catching a number of fish in an attempt to beat the record.

I spoke with Tia in an attempt to get a job, and wanted me to get her a small piece of furniture. At first, I grabbed her a regal wall lamp from the Nooklings store, but she refused to take it as she didn't want something that goes on her walls. Instead, I went with Plan B, a breadbox, and received a hurdle in return.

Just as I was about to stop playing, Rosie pinged and suggested the illuminated tree public works project. I really do like the illuminated items, and I think I've unlocked them all now?? I'm not sure if I'll ever build them, but my first priority is to build the instrument shelter and the flower arch.

Unrelated News
Today was more interesting than yesterday, didn't play for a long amount of time, but still managed to get a nice amount of gameplay in. Now I'm off to play Monster Hunter with a friend. Cya!


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