Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 302

Last Nights Caper
I honestly don't remember, probably just talking to friends.

Day 302

Since Soleil was still sick and I wanted to get that done and out of the way, I headed over to Main Street and into the Nooklings store where I bought her some medicine, I then went back to Skyfall to take it to her house. Two doses down, one more left and then she'll be nice and healthy again.

I noticed Tia was at home so I decided to drop by, and inside was Bree, and an empty looking house... Tia had once again got rid of her regal bed... and I don't know why. So I headed over to Re-Tail to see if it was there, and thankfully it was. I bought it out and sent it back to her in the mail.

Even though I do kind of want to ignore Chops whilst he's in Skyfall, I felt the need to talk to him just so I get to know him more, and just so I had something else to do. Today he wanted me to fetch him a pear, so I went and did just that. Of course, naturally I was hoping for his pic in return (LOL), but alas, the friendship isn't high enough, and I received a beaker in return.

Once I was done with Chops, I came across Tia who this time was outside and wanted to play a game of hide and seek. Whilst talking to her though, Boone pinged, I'm hoping it wasn't a public works project, because I'd hate to have missed out on one of those...

It didn't take me that long to find all three villagers and I managed to find them within a few minutes of the game starting. Once I found them all, Tia gathered them at the plaza and gave me my reward, a lazy Susan table.

Once I was done with hide and seek I was about to head off for the day, but I remembered that about a week or so ago I got a request to update my dream address, so I headed back up to Main Street towards the Dream Suite to do just that. Amazingly I've now had over 15,000 visits (and technically over 20,000 if you include my old dream address), which is really cool, makes me feel happy knowing that this many people have taken the time to stop by my town! Thanks!

Unrelated News
Sorry if this post felt really rushed, I left blogging 'til late, I'm feeling tired, and I really didn't feel like blogging either, so I wanted to push it out of the way so I could have some me time, but I'm worried the post will feel boring. Sorry. Cya!


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