Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 304

Last Nights Caper
Again, nothing interesting lol.

Day 304

Zucker was now officially moved out, so I could go back to landscaping that area of town. There was also a clover where his house used to be, which I thought looked nice lol.

Of course, when there's Zucker, there's always Soleil nearby as those two were practically neighbours, and today marked the first day of Soleil being healthy again. I found her and spoke to her to see how she was feeling, she thanked me and gave me an old brick wall.

Rosie was home and I decided to drop by. Her house is coming along rather nicely, I just need to get a music player back in her house, and get rid of the fish and bugs, and it'll be near perfect. Whilst I was there I decided to speak with Rosie, who wanted me to get her some fruit. I went to my storage and got her a perfect orange, which earned me a polka-dot dresser in return.

To finish off my day I decided to speak with Chops, who wanted me to get him some 'long furniture. By long I assumed he meant tall, so I went to the Nooklings and bought him an ionian post, but apparent he wanted 'wide' furniture, and not my interpretation of 'long' so he gave it back to me...

However, all was not lost. Frita had put up a drum set in Re-Tail forever ago, and I decided to go buy that for him, since that was probably his definition of "long". Luckily, he accepted the drum set, and he gave me a folding chair in exchange.

Unrelated News
Wanted to get this out early because I have to go to the dentist tomorrow (which is kinda early), and didn't want to be up late blogging, so pushed it out early to free up my night. Cya!


  1. Went to your town today! It was in a dream


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