Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 305

Last Nights Caper
Didn't get up to anything as I had to sleep early so I'd be awake for my early dentist appointment.

Day 305

I usually start my days off by speaking with Soleil or Zucker, but since Zucker moved out, and Soleil was no where to be found, I had to go to Skyfall's next closest resident, Rosie. I really need to get a music player in her house it sounds so boring when I enter... Anyway, I spoke with her and she wanted me to get her a perfect fruit. I headed to my storage and pulled out a perfect orange, returned to her house, ad handed it over to her. I was hoping for her pic (since I'd like to obtain it outside of April Fools), but instead I got a deluxe washer.

With my new deluxe washer in pocket, along with several other items I had no need for, I header up to Re-Tail to sell my needless items for some extra bells. Whilst there, as I usually do, I checked turnip prices - which were a whopping 445 bells! Damn, that's pretty good for Skyfall, shame I didn't have any turnips to sell, I'd be rich.

As I left Re-Tail ricky pinged me, my initial response was that he was telling me he was planning on moving, which would be a relief so I didn't have to worry about any residents actually leaving because I knew the weekly leaver would be Ricky, but instead he wanted me to visit his house. Since it was a 'come over right now' situation, I saw no reason to decline his offer, so I went on over anyway. When inside I spoke to him a few times (ok, a lot of times), but he never brought up the dialogue to buy anything - though I don't know what I would've bought anyway, everything in his house is fine tbh (except maybe the incense burner).

After completing the rest of my duties around town (namely going to Main Street - but there was nothing of interest), I returned to Skyfall to notice Redd has pitched his tent in the plaza. I went inside to browse his artworks, and as usual, he didn't have anything I need. He actually had two real arts in stock though, but I had them both. I ended up buying the real sculpture.

Fake - it has a carrot on the nose

Real - the towel only goes over one shoulder

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Real - there is no fake

Unrelated News
I'm tired from waking up early ad my family are coming back tomorrow, so I've got a big day ahead. I'll probably ease into the night by playing some Monster Hunter, and then head off the bed. Cya!


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