Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 306

Last Nights Caper
I slept early so didn't get up to anything.

Day 306

Soleil was out and about so I decided to speak with her. She didn't have anything to say at first, but once I spoke to her again she remembered she had something that needed to be given to Ricky. As any good mayor would do, I accepted her request and tracked down Ricky to had it over to him - but turns out the gift was originally for me anyway, and I got given a gray tartan shirt.

Once I had done that, I went to Re-Tail. I checked the turnip prices to see if they were anything near yesterdays prices, but they had dropped dramatically. Ricky had also put his watering trough up for sale, but I bought it and mailed it back to him.

Upon leaving Re-Tail I did the usual - chores around town + Main Street - but there was nothing to act upon. I decided to head on over to the police station to see if there were any special guests in town. Turns out Gulliver had washed ashore, so I headed down to the beaches to find him.

I easily found Gulliver on the beach, and I spoke to him a few times to wake him up. At first, I had no idea whatsoever what he was talking about, but as soon as he mentioned 'shamrock' I knew exactly where he was. My options were:
- Brazil
- Greenland (lol)
- Canada
- Ireland

I was just about to get off but I figured I'd try for at least one more job around town. Bree, Tia and Rosie were all MIA, so I couldn't get anything from them, so I went to Chops for the sake of it, who wanted me to get him some fruit. At first I was going to get him a perfect orange, but I decided against it, and saved those for the villagers I actually like (no offense to Chops fans!). So instead I grabbed a pear and handed that to him, and in return I received a rather fitting pear wardrobe.

Unrelated News
Family are back, so I've been busy all day, I've only just found some down time to blog - and now I'm gonna go do some other things since I've got some relax time. Cya!


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