Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 311

Last Nights Caper
If I could remember, I'd tell you - I think I just fangirled over the new MH4U trailer that came out lol.

Day 311

Soleil was right near my house as usual, but she didn't have anything that needed doing, instead I went over to Rosie's house to see if she needed anything. She wanted me to get her some furniture, but there was nothing in Main Street, or Re-Tail, or even in m storage that would go with her house, so I didn't end up giving her anything. Sorry, Rosie.

Once I had finished up with Rosie, I went around asking my villagers if they needed anything, but of course, none of them needed anything... Though Frita had just done some spring cleaning and handed me a regal chair. I plan on mailing it to Bree, providing she hasn't already got one in her house.

After getting a freebie from Frita, Skyfall's resident finally started handing out requests. Firstly, though not really a request, Tia asked me if I would like to buy her regal lamp. Not wanting to hurt our friendship, I bought it off her, but I attached it to a letter and send it back right away just so she doesn't lose the item from her house.

Once doe with Tia, Chops wanted me to deliver her a gift as he was too shy to do it himself (though I don't know why, he was in Tia's view the whole time). I took the gift from Chops and moved on over to Tia, who gave me a lychee for my time.

This morning, I came across a post on my dashboard, which explained the net creeping glitch. I did try to do this the other day, but I wasn't sure on how to do it, so I was never able to complete it. Though as I came across the post, I tested it out and was able to get on top of the police station, and the bell tower. I might try to get on top of other things another day.

Unrelated News
I'd love to write some more here but I'm feeling really tired and I just wanna sleep. Cya!


  1. Do you have Mii verse, if so what is your ID? I would like to follow you if you don't mind, that is! My ID is Baggles and my nickname is Aimzie!!

  2. I think Chops has a crush on Tia XD It would make sense o3o

  3. Omg, that guide is so cool XD -Beth (used to be acnlBeth, lol)


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