Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 314

Last Nights Caper
Really isn't anything to it, I stayed up until 5am then left, got back at 7 and slept through 'til 1. Wasn't as bad as I thought to be honest, I thought I'd be falling asleep, but I wasn't.

Day 314

Both Soleil and Rosie were being anti-social and wouldn't give me anything to do, so instead I turned to Ricky. He didn't really have anything for me to do either, but he did have an extra rococo floor he needed to get rid of, so I bought that off him for a decent ~2,000 bells.

I continues through Skyfall talking to any villagers I met across the way (Bree was still MIA), until I reached the plaza, where I noticed Redd's tent was standing up. I entered and browsed his wares as usual, and bought out the real artwork. Hallelujah it was a statue that I didn't have, I can work on getting them completed.

Real - the fake has one child

Fake - Fujin should be on the other side

Fake - the fingers should be the same length

Fake - the palm should be facing upwards

Frita was a villager who I hadn't seen for a while, I thought she too may have gone MIA with Bree (Bree and Frita take on the world lol), but she was actually in her house. I entered, only to discover she was sick. I hurried back to Main Street to get her some medicine, and handed it to the poor sheep. Hopefully we can get her back on her feet in no time.

Once I had helped Frita get back on her feet, I continued around Skyfall talking to the villagers who I could find (Boone, Chops and Tia), but none of them had anything they needed doing. I was just about to stop playing for the day when I came across Ricky, and decided to talk to him for the sake of it. Luckily I did, because he wanted me to get him a cherry, and when I handed him a perfect cherry he gave me his pic!

Unrelated News
I feel like I should be tired, but I'm really not lol... Not sure why to be honest, but meh. Anyway, tomorrow is weeding day, I did look around Skyfall to check for any weeds to pull so we can hopefully get the topiary public works projects, but there were none to be found. Let's hope it stays that way and we can unlock them tomorrow. Cya!


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