Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 317

Last Nights Caper
Don't remember, probably nothing.

Day 317

Same as yesterday, as soon as I began playing, there was Soleil, ready and pinging, hopefully it wasn't a public works project this time either, I really don't want to be missing out on those, but I don't wanna risk having Soleil stay any longer. It was also raining in Skyfall, which I always enjoy, the rain in AC it just so calming, and the music is so soothing.

After running around town doing nothing for a while, I finally came across Hazel, who, after some pestering, wanted me to get her a new piece of furniture. Of course, with my luck, there was nothing in the Nookling's or Re-Tail for her... So I ended up taking a risk and buying the school speaker from the Nooklings... I know sometimes villagers don't like furniture on their walls, but I took the chance for Hazel, and it ended up paying off! She seemed to like it and gave me a copy machine.

After leaving Hazel I saw Frita out and about, so I guess she's over her cold now. I spoke to her and she was very grateful for me taking care of her whilst she was sick, and gave me a mini circuit, along with her word to take care of me if I ever get sick.

Just as I thought it was going to be a girls day out in Skyfall, as Soleil, Frita, Hazel and Bree were out and walking, and Chops, Boone and Ricky were MIA (as was Tia, the only girl missing), I came across Ricky who seriously appeared out of nowhere. I'd honestly been walking around for a good 30 minutes and I'd not seen him all day... I spoke to him and he needed a gift to be taken to Frita. Maybe Ricky is a player, he's seemed to move off of Bree and onto Soleil, and now potentially Frita? The girls better watch out. But that aside, I took the gift to Frita and she gave me a Toad tee in return.

Among other things (trying to make this short as I've gotta go to the airport tomorrow), there was an egg table in the lost and found... I hadn't had Redd come and place his tent over any items in the plaza, so I'm not sure how it got there. Hazel also sold me an arched window for a pricey amount of bells, but I bought it anyway because I want to try get her pic ASAP.

Unrelated News
Sorry I rushed that last bit, it's getting late and my family is going back tomorrow so I've gotta take them to the airport early in the morning, so I wanna get some nice Z-time in before I gotta wake up. Cya!


  1. Love reading this blog! Thank you for doing this... I may try doing one of my own someday. I will be sure to credit you as my inspiration if I do!


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