Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 318

Last Nights Caper
Again, nothing exciting. I do have Pokemon Origins which I have not watched yet, so I plan on watching that sometime soon.

Day 318

Well, they say things come in three's, and obviously they do because Soleil pinged, again. I had to run past her so I didn't accidentally speak to her. I am worrying that of course, she has wanted to suggest a public works project these past three pings (actually, she pinged twice today), but I don't want to risk having her changed her mind. Instead, I headed over to Rosie's house, and Rosie had a gift that she wanted me to deliver to Soleil. I tracked down the hamster once again, who had moved her way up to the fountain, and she rewarded me with a lemon. Apparently Soleil has a lemon fixation...

I headed up to Re-Tail to sell my unwanted items, and I saw Phineas. I was really surprised to see him in town because I didn't think I had done anything to be deemed worthy of a badge.. But apparently not, I'd done a lot of shopping and earned myself a silver badge.

From Phineas, I headed over to the plaza - but there was no tent for Redd, no camper, and Booker told me that there was only Pete doing the mail deliveries... Instead, I headed into Hazel's house, and she wanted me to get her a perfect fruit (bless). I went into my storage to pull out out, and handed it over to Hazel. I only got a bland lab wall in return, but it's certainly helped with the friendship points.

Neglected Chores
Felt like including this just to lengthen out the blog post for today. Maybe I'll do this for chores that I neglect and I don't usually include in the blog post, think of this as a temporary 'outtakes' section. There were three things I had to decline today. First, Ricky wanted me to come over, but not for another hour, and I knew I'd either have stopped playing, or forgotten by then, so I had to decline.

The other two neglected jobs were by Ricky again, and Boone - I guess these two are the local con artists... Boone wanted me to give him my watering trough for a top, and Ricky wanted the regal chair for Bree for a top as well... Sorry guys, I can't let them go for that... I was actually going to give Boone the trough, but once he offered the top, there was no way I was gonna seal the deal on that.

Unrelated News
I'm actually tired from the airport today, and the other 5825 things I had to do, so I just kinda feel like resting, so I'm off. Cya!


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