Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 319

Last Nights Caper
Didn't get around to watching Origins, maybe I'll do that tonight... But I've got a few other shows to watch so not sure if I'll watch it. Maybe I'll try watch it through out the day tomorrow.

Day 319

Although I knew I hit it yesterday, I totally forgot today that saving 50,000,000 bells earns you the mailman's cap. So when I started playing today it was a nice surprise to see the nice hat in the mail. I put it in the museum storage - I am planning on doing up my storage rooms, as well as my house, but that's a huge work in progress.

Then the daily duty of Soleil pinging happened again, and as she didn't leave today, I'm assuming she'll be leaving tomorrow. I would offer her to anyone who wants her, but one of my friends likes hamster villagers, and I plan on giving her away to him.

I soon came across Rosie who wanted to come over right away. I accepted, and took her over to my house, but she didn't stay too long. I took her to my main room, and my sleek room, then she was happy, and ready to leave. Here's hoping she'll mail me her pic tomorrow, lol.

After Rosie left I came across Ricky, who wanted me to visit him right away... Of course, I accepted his offer, and went over to his house. It's coming across nicely, as planned, the cactus took over the incense burner on the table, and his house just matches nicely to the K.K. Western music being played on the stereo. I wanted to talk to him but I didn't want him to bring up the "do you wanna buy " something dialogue, because there was nothing I wanted to buy, his house is just that nice.

From Ricky's, I went over to Re-Tail, and then over to the plaza. Again, no Redd's tent, but there was a camper, and inside was Bonbon. My cousin had Bonbon in his town, and I always thought she was cute, but I didn't allow her to move in. Maybe I'll regret it, but I probably wont, because I know I'd probably let her go once I got her pic.

After leaving the campsite, I headed over to Hazel's house - who was asleep. I think this is the first villager I've ever walked in on who was sleeping, so it was nice to finally experience it. Though as soon as I started walking up to her to get the waking-up dialogue, the hourly bell sounded, which I guess wakes up villagers, because she woke up as soon as it rang. Oh well.

Just as I was about to end it for the day, I came across Chops who wanted his petition, Cute Animals Are Cute, to be signed. I took his petition and asked around for any towns that were open, and visited a town and began to collect signatures.

With all six signatures obtained, I headed back to Skyfall to track down Chops, and handed him his petition. For my time, he gave me a blue corner.

Unrelated News
Well, now I'm feeling inspired to fix up my house and museum rooms, so I'm probably gonna plan them, and then watch the TV I've missed from when my family was down. Cya!


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