Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 321

Last Nights Caper
Zachary came over to adopt Soleil. I believe his town has a lot of hamster villagers if my memory serves me correctly, so he should enjoy having Soleil added to his villagers.

Day 321

Oh, so turns out it was actually raining lol. I usually take notice of the rain, but when I played this morning I didn't realize it was raining, and it wasn't until I played again in the afternoon to pick up some items that I noticed it was raining, and was curious if it was raining in the morning as I didn't recall... Guess I know now that it was.

Soleil was not officially moved out of Skyfall, and had left a blank place of land where her house once resided. I've still not fixed up the path or landscaped the area since Zucker left, so I need to get onto that. But right now I'm focusing on doing my house (which is coming across nicely).

Skyfalll's south-eastern sector is looking pretty depressing, the only villager who lives there now is Rosie (I'll probably update the map tomorrow so you can all check it out). I went to visit her house to see if she needed anything, but she didn't. Her house is looking nice though, she has put in the cassette player I sent her, so now her house plays some nice tunes.

After leaving Rosie's house I headed over to Bree's, which I've been meaning to do to check if she had a regal chair, but she did, so I guess I can sell that. I spoke to her and she'd found an item that she needed returning to Hazel. 

Of course, I took it over to Hazel's house right away... and she was sleeping... again. Seriously Hazel, you're not even a lazy villager iirc, you're uchi... I mean come on, Zucker was sure lazy but I never caught him sleeping, he only had the weird food obsession you've got... And yes... the food obsession continued because she rewarded me with an apple.

Once I left Hazel's house and informed Bree I had returned the gift, I came across Saharah, who I'm happy to have in Skyfall, because I'm after a shoji screen and tatami, both of which I believe are Saharah exclusives. So I paid her 3,000 bells to give my house a make over, praying that on the off chance I'd get one of them, but nope, I got a plaza wall and a round carpet, which I don't think either are exclusives...

And as per this new tradition of the game trolling me, once again, as I was about to stop playing, Chops wanted me to get him something to put on top of his classic table. I'm not overly fussed about Chops, so at first I wasn't going to do it, but I wanted to at least try to get his pic, so I went over to Main Street and bought him a mixer, and he handed me back a mountain bike.

Unrelated News
Well I'm on the prowl to make my house look nice. From the items that I need, I ordered the ones I have from the catalog, so I can get to work on that ASAP, and as for the ones I still need, I'm still looking for people who have them willing to sell them. I'm not sure how long it'll take though - I need to redesign my main room and completely redecorate my basement (which is empty right now), and then just fiddle around with my alpine, sleek and rococo rooms, and then I should be happy with my house. Then I can work on my house exterior, museum rooms, and working of making Skyfall look nice. Cya!


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