Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 322

Last Nights Caper
Didn't get up to anything.

Day 322

Things went a little reversed today, instead of me starting around my house and then making my way up to the plaza, I started off at the plaza and moved my way around town. In the plaza was Redd's tent, so as usual, I walked into look at his artwork. The legit one he had in stock was a painting this week, and I don't think I've donated it yet, but I've thought that about many paintings and I've been wrong on countless occasions.

Fake - should have a flat top

Fake - there is a bug bite out of one of the leaves

Real - she is looking forward in the fake

Fake - the hair is too long

After buying out the real artwork and leaving his tent, I came across Tia who wanted an orange. This worked out well for me since I've got a stash of perfect oranges, so I was able to give her the next best thing. Of course, I was hoping for her photo, but I got a patchwork dresser.

After giving Tia her perfect orange, I not only had one left. So I went over to my perfect cherry trees to get some perfect cherries that I could trade for another perfect fruit. When I was shaking them off, I finally shook a rotten tree, and it lost it's leaves. This is the first time this has happened to me since I barely ever shake my fruit trees, but I planted a new tree in its place.

Rosie wanted me to replace her piranha, which was fine with me, because I've wanted to get rid of her fish and bugs for a long time. Her piranha was on her lovely wardrobe, so I headed over to the Nookling's who had a candle in stock and went to hand that over to her... But I goofed up, I accidentally gave her a brown pot I had in my pockets that I was going to sell. I was annoyed at myself first, but once she put it in her house, it looked better than I thought. She gave me her old piranha in return.

Since the only resident whose photo I really want now is Hazel, I've been trying my best to talk to her daily, and have her give me a chore, and of course, as per usual, she was asleep once again... I woke her up and she wanted me to bring Tia over to her house.

I went out to find Tia and then took her over to Hazel's house. I was looking forward to it as whenever a villager wants you to bring another villager over, it's for some crazy, insane, or stupid reason. But nope, this time Hazel just had a gift for Tia, and a gift for me, for bringing Tia over, being a Papa panda.

Once leaving Hazel's house, I came across Boone, who wanted me to deliver a gift to Bree. The more time that passes, the more I'm lead to believe that Ricky and Bree are no longer an item... I've gotta try my best to get them back together. But back on track, I took the gift over to Bree's house, and she gave me a peach.

Unrelated News
Pushed this out early because I'm bored, but I also want to free up my night so I have time to catch up on some TV shows, so I'm off. Cya!


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