Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 323

Last Nights Caper
Don't really remember, I think I played AC a little, but only to collect items I'm after, so nothing worth mentioning.

Day 323

It was raining again today, which is something I always like. Yesterday, I started re-landscaping the areas where Soleil's and Zucker's houses once were, which look better now the bushes and bamboo have grown a little. I think it's different that what I originally had, but I like my new rendition better than my old one.

Whilst exploring Skyfall doing the daily duties I got told by both Chops and Ricky that someone new was moving in. It wasn't long until I came across the plot, which belonged to Benjamin. I had to google him as I was unsure what he looked like, and he looks alright. I probably wont have him stay, but he might grow on me. Looks like he also has the sloppy series in his house, so maybe they'll start showing up in Re-Tail more often. I have been doing a lot of trades lately, so I'm wondering if he came from someone elses town.

I soon came across Hazel who had a package that had been to delivered to her instead of Boone, and she wanted me to return it. I took the package off her hands and tracked down Boone and handed it over to him. He gave me a green zap tee in return.

After receiving my gift I went to empty out my pockets by selling my unwanted items at Re-Tail, and I remembered I had the graceful painting in my pockets which arrived in the mail. So I headed over to the museum to donate it, but turns out I already had donated one... Damn.

I returned to Skyfall and spoke to Frita, something I don't normally do, but she wanted me to get her an orange. Of course, I gave her a perfect orange, which finally cleared out my perfect orange stash, now I've got to work with perfect apples. I handed Frita the last of my perfect oranges and she gave me a timpano drum.

 Earlier today Ricky ha fleas, which I forgot to sell at Re-Tail, and when I was Rosie's house she was interested in trading my flea for a server. At first I wasn't going to trade as the flea would probably show up in her house, and that would've been a step down from taking out the piranha before, but I caved and traded with her anyway, hoping she'd soon give me her pic.

Unrelated News
I've had a really busy day today (I was out from 9-3), and I forgot to take a photo outside the house when I started playing, so I reused one from another day (which is why it says I have no mail, when I got a letter from Redd, oops). Now I'm gonna try relax and then head off to sleep. Cya!


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