Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 324

Last Nights Caper
I just spend the night updating the blog, nothing terribly exciting.

Day 324

There wasn't a lot going on around in Skyfall this morning, it feels bland without any villagers near my house. However, on the island on the other side of my house was the house of our newest resident, Benjamin. I went inside to visit him, he is a lot cute in person that he is in pictures, but I still don't think I'll keep him in Skyfall.

After leaving Benjamin's house I came across Boone who pinged me. I thought he was going to ask to leave, but nope, he had a gift that he wanted to be delivered to Tia. I took the gift over to Tia and she ended up selling it to me... I bought it, and it contained a shirt (which I can't remember the name of).

I spotted Saharah wandering around town and took her over to my house. I've been hoping for Saharah because I'm after the shoji screen and basement wall, which are both Saharah exclusives. I guess my luck was going good today because I got a shoji screen from Saharah. Bless. Along with a shanty mat.

I stopped by Rosie's house to see if she was home, but she wasn't. So instead I headed up to Re-Tail to sell my unwanted items, and came across Rosie on the way, and she wanted me to dig up the time capsule she asked me to bury for her. I honestly don't even remember burying it for her, but I dug it up and gave it to her. When I found out that there was a shirt inside I was instantly disappointed, but to my surprise she didn't give me the shirt inside, she gave me her pic! Finally I have obtained it outside of April Fools.

On a semi-unrelated note, here is the completed landscaped area from yesterday. I just need to remove the flowers inside but I probably wont get around to that for a while as I am lazy LOL.

Unrelated News
Well my house is coming across nicely, I'm almost done collecting the items I'm after, now I just need to work on rearranging my house so the furniture looks nice, which will take me forever because I'm not good at designing, ughh. Cya!


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