Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 327

Last Nights Caper
I took a break from collecting items, and instead did some more updating on the blog. (btw HOENN CONFIRMED).

Day 327

It took a while to get strated today, so the first bloggable thing to mention today was that Redd had put his tent up in the plaza. And praise, because this week he had three sculptures in stock, so my chances of obtaining a legit one we're pretty high, and that's exactly what I got. Even though this is a sculpture I don't think I've donated, I always seem to get it wrong, but I'm really hoping this one hasn't been donated yet.

Fake - the palm is facing down

Real - the head isn't round

Fake - the shell is closed

Fake - it has bat wings

After leaving the tent, I came across Hazel, who had the simple request of wanting a pill bug (because Ricky said she looked like a pill bug LOL). Of course, this should have been an incredibly simple task, but nope. I spent 10 minutes hitting every rock in Skyfall, and never got a single pill bug... I did want to complete it so our friendship would increase, but there were no pill bugs, so I couldn't complete it, sadly.

Benjamin seems to be settling well into Skyfall, as he already wanted my to bury a time capsule. I took it off his hands and as usual, buried it next to his house. Now I just gotta wait until the day he asks me to dig it back up again.

Just as I was about to get off as it was another dead day in Skyfall (and wasting 10 minutes looking for a pill bug made it feel like forever), Rosie pinged, and told me she planned to leave Skyfall o the 12th. Of course, I told her to stay, and she did just that. I'm not sure if I'll keep Rosie forever, but I know I'm not ready to part with her yet.

Unrelated News
I probably would've collected some more items last night, but the ruby/sapphire announcement got me really excite (not that there's much to go on since they literally juts gave us a 30 second trailer with no gameplay LOL), but it's still exciting. Now I'm gonna go relax. Cya!


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