Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 328

Last Nights Caper
Really don't remember, I had a break from AC and updating the blog, so I just relaxed.

Day 328

First thing I did today was head to Re-Tail since my pockets were full and I couldn't really do anything until I emptied them. In Re-Tail, there was a patchwork sofa up in the market, which belonged to Hazel. I bought it out and mailed it back to her. I even visited her today, her house looks really bare without it inside.

After leaving Re-Tail I headed over to Bree's house, who had something of Boone's she had found and wanted me to return it. I took it off her hands and found Boone and handed it over. Unfortunately, Boone had already bought a replacement, and gave me nothing in return...

There was a notice on the bulletin board that there would be a meteor shower tonight. I haven't played yet, but I might go on after this post, I'm not entirely sure yet.

The campsite was also in use today, and since we usually seem to get campers in groups, it'll be interesting to see what other campers we get in the coming days, if the pattern continues. But as for today's camper, it was Eloise, who was eager to move in, but I didn't ask her.

I emptied out my letters and came across the sculpture I bought from Redd's yesterday and went to donate that to the museum. But after returning, Chops wanted so sell me a painting for ~7,000 bells. I bought it, and it turned out to be real, but I'd already donated it, so I could only donate the mystic sculpture from Redd's.

I wasn't getting any luck at getting chores today, but Rosie did give me a free wall flowerpot. I've already got one, but it is a nice item, so I was happy to take it off her hands.

Unrelated News
I've been really busy today, in case anyone was wondering, I made a new AC drama video LOL. Feel free to watch it here. Cya!


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