Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 329

Last Nights Caper
I think I ended up sleeping early, I don't think I even did anything.

Day 329

Not having any villagers live right by my house sucks, I've actually gotta go far away to find someone to talk to (ok, yes I can just cross the bridge to go to the cluster of houses over there but I wanna move in linear movements ok), so I followed my usual anti-clockwise around Skyfall and finally ended up at the police station, where I was told Gulliver had washed ashore.

I headed down to the beaches to look for him, and managed to find him on the first stretch of beach I looked on (usually he's on the other one). I managed to woke him up easily, and as usual, he went on to tell me his wild tales of how he was knocked overboard by sea monsters, blah blah blah. Then he asked me if I could tell him where he was heading. My options were:
- France
- Japan
- India

After returning from the beaches I came across Boone who had a package he wanted delivered to Tia. I took it off his hands and walked to Tia who was not too far away. I guess Boone is a bad luck charm when it comes to deliveries, you know, yesterday he didn't give me a reward, and today, Tia gave me the "guess what it is and you get to keep it" scene, and of course, I guessed wrong (I guessed wallpaper), so I got nothing.

Tia also was miss bossy-boots today because she wanted me to buy a shirt off her so she could get some extra cash. I bought it just for the sake of it and sold it soon after. Tbh I'm thinking of getting rid of Tia next time she asks to leave, but I'll probably end up keeping her.

To finish off my day I came across Ricky who wanted me to get him a perfect fruit. Now that I had restocked and had two full baskets of perfect apples, I was able to pull one out and hand it over to him. He seemed pleased to have a perfect fruit (and probably more pleased to have a perfect fruit that wasn't an orange), but wasn't pleased enough to give me another one of his pics, and instead gave me a dishwasher.

Unrelated News
I'm hungry and I've yet to have dinner so I'm gonna go eat soon lol. Cya!


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