Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 331

Last Nights Caper
Zachary was online so I asked him if I could come over and get my petition signed. He was happy to let me visit and opened up, and I collected signatures. Afterwards I returned to Skfyall and Bree gave me a modern wall clock.

Lol... "yolo"

Ughh, Clay is so adorable

Pic of his house since I thought it was nice

Day 331

(I forgot to take a pic at the start so I just reused yesterday, oops)
Bree wanted me to catch her a butterfly, but as her house is a work in progress right now, I declined her request as I didn't want to mess it up. Yesterday in Zachary's town I was able to catalog a sink which is one of Bree's items, so I'll order that and mail it to her, hopefully it'll remove her stringfish.

There was an announcement on the bulletin board that the fishing tourney would be coming up this week, I'm still not sure if I'll participate... It'll be the last fishing tourney for the next six months as the bug off will be happening next, but nothing else happens on fishing tourney days, so if I don't attend I'll have nothing to blog about... 

Over at Benjamin's house, he was eager to see Bree, and wanted me to bring her over within an hour. I went out to find Bree who wasn't at all that hard to find since she was still near her house. I spoke to her and took her over to Benjamin's, who just had an item of Bree's he found. He then gave me an ogre mask for getting Bree.

Hazel wanted me to grab her some new furniture, which is always a challenge, because Hazel's house doesn't really follow any specific theme... It has patchwork items, but there's only like 4 to the series, so I wasn't sure what to get her. Though being a squirrel, I went with wooden furniture, since that makes the most sense to me, so over at the Nooklings I bought her a school desk, and she handed me an executive toy. Maybe I'll fill her house with the modern wood series, that might look nice?

My house is actually coming along nicely, and I spent a good amount of my time today trying my best to arrange it. Whilst I was doing that, Bree decided to stop by. At first I wasn't going to include this in tonight's post, as I'd like to keep it a secret until the big reveal (lololol), but it's really nothing special so I thought I may as well include it anyway. Hope you like what you see so far, it's a work in progress. I'm actually aiming to recreate my Japanese room (I swear it'll look much better when completed) I had on City Folk (much like my cabin room in the back, which I also recreated from City Folk). The upstairs is a mess right now lol. Any tips on how to improve would be appreciated!

I guess Ricky is also up to his old tricks on Hazel again (or maybe this is just how he flirts), as today, he said Hazel looks like a pondskater, so she wanted me to catch one for her. But I declined, because I didn't feel like spending forever looking for it again much like with the pill bug lol.

Unrelated News
I got distracted watching TV hence why this post is late, oops. I'm kinda tired now so I don't really feel like talking about stuff here, I just wanna get this done and then have some downtime before I head to sleep. Cya!


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