Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 332

Last Nights Caper
Nothing. I was going to go on to collect my mail so I could receive the next load today but I forgot.

Day 332

Oh rainy days, I love them so much. But the mood was soon ruined when I realized my mailbox was full and Pete was there to give me an ear bashing that I should empty out my mailbox. That's only since I ordered a lot of items for my house, and didn't go on yesterday after 5pm to collect them... Oops. I should probably go on after this post to collect the rest of my mail in case there is more to come.

There wasn't much going on today, but I soon came across Benjamin who offered me a game of hide-and-seek, which I accepted. I had 10 minutes to find Benjamin, Chops and Boone, which I managed to do in about 4 minutes. For finding them all Benjamin rewarded me with a corkboard.

After finishing the game Chops wanted me to deliver a package to Boone, but he wasn't that far away so I don't know why he couldn't deliver it himself... but I'm happy to get a chore to do, so I took it over to Boone, who gave me a deer shirt.

Finally, to end my day, Rosie wanted me to get her a niew piece of furniture... Sadly, I didn't have any lovely pieces that she didn't already have (I only had the lovely lamp in my pockets), and I didn't have any polka-dot items to hand over to her... Luckily, Leif had a caladium in stock which I thought would look nice in her house, so I gave that to her. She rewarded me with a metronome.

Unrelated News
Ehh... No ones asked to move recently so I'm getting worried I'm going to miss them and it's going to end up being Bree/Ricky... I really hope someone asks to move in the ext few days so I don't face that nightmare (though eventually when I stop playing that's not going to matter...). Now I'm going to go on to empty out my mail, and then relax. Cya!


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