Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 333

Last Nights Caper
I played just to collect my mail, and whilst I was playing, I had to go to my museum rooms for some reason I forget, and whilst I was there I noticed a fancy frame in stock, which I decided to buy as I thought it might work well in my rooms.

Day 333

Well, yesterdays prayer came true, as Bree pinged asking to leave. Of course, I told her to stay and she did, but I'm glad I got a ping so I don't have to worry about one of my favorite villagers moving out unexpectedly anymore. I just really wish Frita would hurry up and ping... She's been in Skyfall for such a looong time, and she's not asked to leave even once...

The turnip prices over in Re-Tail were a rather pleasant 143 bells. Not too good, but not too bad either. It'll be interesting to see if they rise in the coming days. Sadly I don't have any turnips, at least I might have a high price so any of my friends with turnips can come sell for a quick profit.

As I was on my way to the police station to see if there were any special visitors in town, I got distracted talking to Benjamin, who wanted me to catch him any type of butterfly. I was going to get him a peacock/raja brooke, but I figured I'm not too fussed on him, so I didn't want to go out of my way, so I caught the first butterfly I came across, being a common butterfly. I handed it over to him and he gave me his old sewing machine.

Hide-and-seek must be the go-to game these days because this time, it was Hazel who wanted to play, and she invited Benjamin along with her. I had 10 minutes to find each villager, which I managed to do. For finding all of them within the time limit, Hazel gave me a stepladder.

During our game of hide-and-seek when I was searching the beaches, I came across Gulliver. Of course, I couldn't talk to him mid-game as I'd lose precious time, and I didn't want to risk failing, so I waited until after the game was over to wake him up.

Once the game was over I headed back down to the beach and began trying to wake him up. It took a while this time, a lot longer than usual. I must've spoken to him at least ten times before he eventually woke up... When he finally woke up, he did the usual - told me a wild tale, and then wanted me to tell him where he was heading. My options were:
- Guam
- Italy
- Hawaii
- Maldives

After sending Gulliver on his way, I went over to Boone's house since he was home and I don't think I've been in his house that many times, so I wanted to see what it looked like. I knew it was a near copy of Ricky's house, and that's exactly what it was. I spoke to Boone and he had a package that needed to be delivered to Benjamin, so off I went to find him. He was still near the plaza after the hide-and-seek game, and he rewarded me with a nebula shirt.

I was just about to head off for the day, but as Frita was still wandering around the plaza, much like Benjamin, I decided to speak to her. She wanted me to visit her house right away, so that's what I did. Her house is a train wreck, but as I don't want Frita to stay in Skyfall, I don't think I'll send her any of her original pieces to fix it up. She did however bring up the 'would you like to buy something' dialogue, which I was going to buy her seabass, but it wasn't for sale... Instead, I ended up buying her simple love seat.

Unrelated News
I also managed to get a number of other things done today. I finally completed my basement, so that's one less room to worry about. For anyone wondering, its basically a Legend of Zelda themed room, specifically the one that was shown off in one of the early NL trailers. I did make a copy of this in CF, which I pretty much just remade in NL. Though it is looking a little cramped, so I may fix it up once I'm done with my other rooms.
I also got around to selling some of my extra bushes, so now there aren't any more items at the station or the plaza. So since Skyfall is all cleaned up, I might update my dream address tomorrow. Cya!


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