Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 336

Last Nights Caper
Nothing, I've gotten back into watching Pokemon again, so I did that. But apart from that, I essentially did nothing.

Day 336

Of course, today marked the day of the fishing tourney, and the last fishing tourney for the next six months I believe. Starting next month, we'll have the bug-off, which means I can finally get the golden net! Then come July, I can finally catch and donate the walking leaf to the museum. But before I started the tourney I had to check out the completed instrument shelter first.

This is near one of my favorite public works projects in the game, I'm really not sure why. I don't like it for its function, I really couldn't care less about knowing the weather, and I'll probably never use it, but I kinda like the aesthetic of it. Maybe it's because when we first saw it in the trailer we speculated it as a bee hive?? But either way, I really like it, and I'll look forward to the completion ceremony tomorrow. I did test it out, but there wasn't any change in the weather happening any time soon.

Now lets get onto the fishing tourney!

This months fish was a black bass, and whoever caught the biggest one won. Naturally, you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to fish out some black bass from the river, but every single fish I caught ended up being a carp... I finally found a black bass which I went to get measured, but it didn't even land me in third place...

I went back to the river to catch some more black bass, but none of them were long enough to score me first place. I did however, catch a 21.45 incher which was enough to land me in second place. With second place scored, and the possibility of either getting a silver or bronze trophy, I was done for the day.

6pm soon came and it was time to hold the completion ceremony (though I didn't actually attend it until about 8:45 lol). I walked in the tent and I was surprised to find myself on the sidelines?? I thought I would've at least got third place, but apparently not, I was beaten by Hazel and Bree... At least Chops was pushed out of his top position.

Now that the ceremony was over I decided to head over to the town hall to see if I could hold the completion ceremony for the instrument shelter, but I couldn't. So guess we will have to end up waiting until tomorrow. Eh, fine by me.

Just as I was about to head off for the night I came across Hazel, and deicded to speak to her for the sake of it, and she reminded me about it being Saturday night, which meant I could go see K.K. Slider. Since I've not gone and seen him in a long time, I decided to end that drought tonight by seeing him perform to end my evening.

Unrelated News
Not really sure what to put here. I've been out for most of the night so I'm kinda tired, so I think I'll juts relax. Cya!


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