Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 338

Last Nights Caper
Nothing too interesting, just continued hatching Treecko, and watched some Desperate Housewives.

Day 338

Redd was in town today so I popped into his tent to browse his artworks. Of course, he didn't have anything I hadn't donated yet, but I'm not too bothered by it, I can always trade the doubles I've got for ones I've yet to obtain.

Fake - it has one child

Fake - the palm is facing down

Real - she is looking behind her

Fake - the fingers are different lengths

After his tent was the campsite, which was in use today. I was excited to see which villager was inside, and it was a rather unique villager imo, Kidd. I really think he's a pretty nice villager, but I didn't ask him to move in.

Hazel's big stomach finally got her into trouble, as she had eaten a rotten pear... I knew it'd happen eventually, just didn't know when. She asked me to get her a fresh pear to get the rotten taste out of her mouth. I did just that and she gave me an amp.

Soon after leaving Hazel, Frita pinged me. I got really excited because I was hoping it'd be a ping telling me she planned on leaving Skyfall, and it was exactly that. Frita plans on leaving on the 24th, and I'm honestly happy to see her move. She has been in Skyfall for way too long and I think it's just time for her to move on. She will be missed, but I'm glad to see her gone.

Katie had also ventured her way into Skyfall once again, but I didn't have anyone's town to take her to, so sadly I had to leave her wandering around Skyfall. Sorry!

Usually there's nothing worthwhile mentioning on Main Street. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but I plan on changing the exterior of my house to the cabin theme, and finally today Nook's Homes had the cabin roof (or ranch roof) in stock today. I bought it out and shall enjoy my new roof tomorrow. Now I just need the door and house front, and it's all complete.

Unrelated News
An enjoyable day today, I'm glad I got a lot done, and very happy Frita is finally leaving. Now I'm gonna go back to egg hatching. Cya!


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