Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 339

Last Nights Caper
Same as the night before, I spent it playing Pokemon and watching Housewives.

Day 339

I really hope Nook's Homes gets some more cabin pieces in stock soon (especially the house front), because my house just looks so ugly like this... Please Nook, be nice to me in the coming days.
Neither the campsite nor the plaza were in use today, so I headed over to the police station to speak with Booker, who told me Saharah was in town today. I quickly found her and took her to my house. The makeover was decent, and I got a tent wall and a checkered tile. I only think the wall is an exclusive.

Food, food, food... it's seriously all my villagers want (but lets he honest, who doesn't want food lol), today being Benjamin, who wanted an orange in particular. Sadly I'm all out of perfect oranges now so I had to hand him a regular orange. He seemed to enjoy it anyway, and gave me a plaza tile in return.

Benjamin must be Skyfall's new popular villager, because Ricky had a package that he needed delivering to Benjamin. I was more than happy to take it over to him, so I went off to find Benjamin again, and handed him the gift. I got the impression that he like what he got, being a crossing shirt, but I don't think he was too thankful as I got a simple lychee as a reward. Better than nothing I guess.

Just as I was about to call it quits for the day, Frita pinged me. I did want to avoid her ping since I always worry it'll be her telling me she wants to leave again, and then change her mind. But I took the risk and spoke to her, and luckily I did, because she suggested the windmill public works project, which I've been after for a while. I've always wanted to plant is near where Boone's house it (which I can't do now as his house is there), but that was also the area where I'd like the build a house for an additional character, if I ever get around too making one. so even when Boone moves out, I'm not entirely sure if I'll end up building it...

I used both 'cause I couldn't decided which was better lol

Unrelated News
Welp, you know the drill, off to hatch some more Treecko. Honestly, I'm getting bored of this, and I don't even know why I'm doing it lol, I guess it just gives me something to do? But yeah... Cya!


  1. Aah, i just caught up with the blog. I've been reading starting from day one for about 2 weeks and now I can only read one a day. Oh well, thanks for being consistant with the blog! Its a nice pass time, reading blogs.

  2. When are you Updating you Dream Address?


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