Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 340

Last Nights Caper
Just the usual, no need for me to elaborate lol.

Day 340

Ughh I really hate this roof it just doesn't match - maybe instead of waiting for the cabin house front to come in stock I should buy another house exterior that matches better with the roof. 
Apart from that, we had a camper in town today, being Felicity. She is really cute, but since I already had Rosie in my town, I didn't ask her to move in. I should probably start playing games with them again, too. Maybe for the next camper I'll give that a shot, if I remember.

Food has struck again, because Boone wanted me to fetch him an apple today. I headed to my storage and pulled out a perfect apple and handed that to him and he gave me a polka-dot chair. I've kept it on me because I might mail it to Rosie.

Benjamin had a gift that needed delivering to Tia, who was literally right outside his house. I spoke to Tia and handed the gift over to her, which ended up being a shirt, which she switched out with her floral knit tee, which she gave me as a reward. I really don't like this new look on her, I'll probably try to reset her clothes.

I'd almost totally forgotten that Bree had asked me to get her some new furniture for her house earlier on today. I saw her walking around and it jogged my memory that she was after something new, so I headed back to Main Street, and bought a telescope, since that was the only thing in stock that would've gone with her house. She gave me a flower table in return.

There was also a new DLC today, the next piece of the astrology series, the Gemini closet. In the pic it looks kinda boring, but on the 3DS it looks really glossy, I actually like it. Now to wait another month for the next piece to come out. I would say what it is, but I don't know astrology signs off the top of my head, maybe it's Leo?

Unrelated News
Yeah, time to hatch eggs which is getting boring, but that's what I'm doing. Cya!


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