Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 341

Last Nights Caper
If you guessed egg hatching and Desperate Housewives, you guessed right.

Day 341

Day #3 with this new roof color and it still hasn't grown on me... Nook's Homes hasn't had any house fronts in stock that would look better with it... I really just want then to stock the cabin one so I can stop looking at it, I really don't like it one bit.
Bree wanted me to come over, and since she was right out the front of her house, I was assuming she wanted me to come over now, but nope, she wanted me over at 2pm... Sorry, Bree, I just can't do that - I'll forget and we can't have that.

Food is still new new trend, and today Hazel wanted me to get her an orange (let's call her hungry Hazel from now one lol). I shook some oranges off the tree and handed one over to her. For getting her an orange she gave me a cube clock.

Not that I had expected that she had changed her mind, but Benjamin told me that Frita was still moving, which is a plus for me. I look forward to her leaving Skyfall, and hopefully another villager can move into the space near her house, but not the same spot, just so I can build the stone statue that I've been wanting to build for a while.

Boone wanted his tall mini cactus replaced with another furniture item. I didn't want to replace it since I really like how his house looks, and if I was going to repalce it, I'd give him an item that would match his house. But since I don't plan on keeping Boone in Skyfall, I don't really care if his house remains in its original state, so I went out to find an item to replace his cactus. There really wasn't anything in the Nookling's store that would've went with his house, but they did have a slide game that would fit on his table nicely, so I bought that for him. Boone then rewarded me with his old tall mini cactus.

Just as I was about done for the day Ricky pinged. It wasn't anything important, just that he had bought an alpine dresser that he didn't need anymore and wanted to sell it. I've already got an alpine dresser, but I brought it off him anyway, which seemed to make him happy.

Unrelated News
I really want to hatch this Treecko soon because this is getting really boring fast lol. Now I'm off to hatch some more, then I'll probably eat and watch some TV/DH before heading off to bed. Cya!

(also I just realized I didn't check the beaches or ask at the police station so Gulliver may have been in town today)


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